365 PROPHECIES part1

*365 Messianic Prophecies*

Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled:
1.Gen3:15 Seed of a woman (virgin birth) Lk1:35,Matt1:18,20
2.Gen3:15 He will bruise Satan’s head Heb2:14,1Jn3:8
3.Gen5:24 The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated.Mk6:19
4.Gen9:26,27 The God of Shem will be the Son of Shem Lk3:36
5.Gen12:3 As Abraham’s seed,will bless all nations Acts3:25,26
6.Gen12:7 The The Promise made made to Abraham’s Seed Gal3:16
7.Gen14:18 A priest after Melchizedek Heb6:20
8.Gen14:18 A King Heb7:2
9.Gen14:18 The Last Supper foreshadowed Matt26:26,29
10.Gen17:19 The Seed of Isaac Rom9:7
11.Gen21:12 Seed of Isaac Rom9:7,Heb11:18
12.Gen22:8 The promised Lamb of God Jn1:29
13.Gen22:18 As Isaac’s seed,will bless all nations Gal3:16
14.Gen26:2,5 The Seed of Isaac promised as the Redeemer Heb11:18
15.Gen49:10 The time of His coming Lk2:1,7; Gal4:4
16.Gen49:10 The Seed of Judah Lk3:33
17.Gen49:10 Called Shiloh or One Sent Jn17:3
18.Gen49:10 To come before Judah lost identity Jn11:47,52
19.Gen49:10 To Him shall the obedience of the people be Jn10:16
20.Ex3:13,14 The Great “I Am” Jn4:26
21.Ex12:5 A Lamb without blemish 1Pet1:19
22.Ex12:13 The blood of the Lamb saves from wrath Rom5:8
23.Ex12:21,27 Christ our Passover 1Cor.5;7
24.Ex12:46 Not a bone of the Lamb to be broken Jn19:31,36
25.Ex13:2 Blessing to first born son Lk2:23
26.Ex15:2 His exaltation predicted as Yeshua Acts7:55,56
27.Ex15:11 His Character,Holiness Lk1:35; Acts4:27
28.Ex17:6 The Spiritual Rock of Israel 1Cor10;4
29.Ex33:19 His Character,Merciful Lk1:72
30.Lev14:11 The leper cleansed,Sign to priesthood Lk5:12,14; Acts6:7
31.Lev16:15,17 Prefigures Christ’s once,for,all death Heb9:7,14
32.Lev16:27 Suffering outside the Camp Matt27:33; Heb13:11,12
33.Lev17:11 The Blood,the life of the flesh Matt26;28; Mk10:45
34.Lev17:11 It is the blood that makes atonement 1Jn3:14,18
35.Lev23:36,37 The Drink,offering: “If any man thirst.” Jn19:31,36
36.Num9:12 Not a bone of Him broken Jn19:31,36
37.Num21:9 The serpent on a pole,Christ lifted up Jn3:14,18
38.Num24:8 Flight to Egypt Matt2:14
39.Num24:17 Time: “I shall see him,but not now.” Gal4:4
40.Num24:17,19 A star out of Jacob Matt2:2,Lk1:33,78,Rev22:16
41.Deut18:15 “This is of a truth that prophet.” Jn6:14
42.Deut18:15,16 “Had ye believed Moses,ye would believe me” Jn5:45,47
43.Deut18:18 Sent by the Father to speak His word Jn8:28,29
44.Deut18:19 Whoever will not hear must bear his sin Jn12:15
45.Deut21:13,23 As a prophet Jn6:14;7:40,Acts3:22,23
46.Deut21:23 Cursed is he that hangs on a tree Gal3:10,13
47.Ruth4:4,9 Christ,our kinsman,has redeemed us Eph1:3,7
48.1Sam2:10 Shall be an anointed King to the Lord Matt.28:18; Jn12:15
49. 2Sam7:12 David’s Seed Matt1:1
50.2Sam7:14a The Son of God Lk1:32
51.2Sam7:16 David’s house established forever Lk3:31;Rev22:16
52.2Sam23:2,4 would be the “Rock” 1Cor10:4
53.2Sam23:2,4 would be as the “light of the morning” Rev22:16
54. 2Kings2:11 The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated Lk24:51
55.1Chron17:11 David’s Seed Matt1:1;9:27
56.1Chron17:12,13a To reign on David’s throne forever Lk1:32,33
57.1Chron17:13a “I will be His Father,He my Son” Heb1:5
58.Job19:23,27 The Resurrection predicted Jn5:24,29
59.Ps2:1,3 The enmity of kings foreordained Acts4:25,28
60.Ps2:2 To own the title,Anointed (Christ) Acts2:36
61.Ps2:6 His Character,Holiness Jn8:46; Rev3:7
62.Ps2:6 To own the title King Matt2:2
63.Ps2:7 Declared the Beloved Son Matt3:17
64.Ps2:7,8 The Crucifixion and Resurrection intimated Acts13:29,33
65.Ps2:12 Life comes through faith in Him Jn20:31
66.Ps8:2 The mouths of babes perfect His praise Matt21:16
67.Ps8:5,6 His humiliation and exaltation Lk24:50,53; 1Cor15:27
68.Ps16:10 Was not to see corruption Acts2:31
69.Ps16:9,11 Was to arise from the dead Jn20:9
70.Ps17;15 The resurrection predicted Lk24:6
71.Ps22:1 Forsaken because of sins of others 2Cor5:21
72.Ps22:1 Words spoken from Calvary ,”My God” Mark15:34
73.Ps22:2 Darkness upon Calvary Matt.27:45
74.Ps22:7 They shoot out the lip and shake the head Matt27:39
75.Ps22:8 “He trusted in God,let Him deliver Him” Matt27:43
76.Ps22:9 Born the Savior Lk2:7
77.Ps22:14 Died of a broken (ruptured) heart Jn19:34
78.Ps22:14,15 Suffered agony on Calvary Mark15:34,37
79.Ps22:15 He thirsted Jn19:28
80.Ps22:16 They pierced His hands and His feet Jn19:34,37;20:27
81.Ps22:17,18 Stripped Him before the stares of men Lk23:34,35
82.Ps22:18 They parted His garments Jn19:23,24
83.Ps22:20,21 He committed Himself to God Lk.23:46
84.Ps22:20,21 Satanic power bruising the Redeemer’s heel Heb2:14
85.Ps22:22 His Resurrection declared Jn20:17
86.Ps22:27 He shall be the governor of the nations Col1:16
87.Ps22:31 “It is finished” Jn19:30
88.Ps23:1 “I am the Good Shepherd” Jn10:11
89.Ps24:3 His exaltation predicted Acts1:11; Phil.2:9
90.Ps27:12 Accused by false witnesses Matt26:60,61,Mark14:57,58
91.Ps30:3 His resurrection predicted Acts2:32
92.Ps31:5 “Into thy hands I commit my spirit” Lk23:46
93.Ps31:11 His acquaintances fled from Him Mark14:50
94.Ps31:13 They took counsel to put Him to death Jn11:53
95.Ps31:14,15 “He trusted in God,let Him deliver him” Matt27:43
96.Ps34:20 Not a bone of Him broken Jn19:31,36
97.Ps35:11 False witnesses rose up against Him Matt26:59
98.Ps35:19 He was hated without a cause Jn15:25
99.Ps38:11 His friends stood afar off Lk23:49
100.Ps40:2,5 The joy of His resurrection predicted Jn20:20
101.Ps40:6,8 His delight,the will of the Father Jn4:34
102.Ps40:9 He was to preach the Righteousness in Israel Matt4:17
103.Ps40:14 Confronted by adversaries in the Garden Jn18/7
104.Ps41:9 Betrayed by a familiar friend Jn13:18
105.Ps45:2 Words of Grace come from His lips Lk4:22
106.Ps45:6 To own the title,God or Elohim Heb1:8
107.Ps45:7 A special anointing by the Holy Spirit Matt3:16; Heb1:9
108.Ps45:7,8 Called the Christ (Messiah or Anointed) Lk2:11
109.Ps49,15 His Resurrection Acts2:27;13:35,Mark16:6
110.Ps55:12,14 Betrayed by a friend,not an enemy Jn13:18
111.Ps55:15 Unrepentant death of the Betrayer Matt27:3,5; Acts1:16,19
112.Ps68:18 To give gifts to men Eph4:7,16
113.Ps68:18 Ascended into Heaven Lk24:51
114.Ps69:4 Hated without a cause Jn15:25
115.Ps69:8 A stranger to own brethren Lk8;20,21
116.Ps69:9 Zealous for the Lord’s House Jn2:17
117.Ps69:14,20 Messiah’s anguish of soul before crucifixion Matt26:36,45
118.Ps69:20 “My soul is exceeding sorrowful” Matt26:38
119.Ps69:21 Given vinegar in thirst Matt27:34
120.Ps69:26 The Savior given and smitten by God Jn17:4;18:11
121.Ps72:10,11 Great persons were to visit Him Matt2:1,11
122.Ps72:16 The corn of wheat to fall into the Ground Jn12:24
123.Ps72:17 His name,Yinon,will produce offspring Jn1:12,13
124.Ps72:17 All nations shall be blessed by Him Acts2:11,12,41
125.Ps78:1.2 He would teach in parables Matt13:34,35
126.Ps78:2b To speak the Wisdom of God with authority Matt7:29
127.Ps88:8 They stood afar off and watched Lk23:49
128.Ps89:26 Messiah will call God His Father Matt11:27
129.Ps89:27 Emmanuel to be higher than earthly kings Lk1:32,33
130.Ps89:35,37 David’s Seed,throne,kingdom endure forever Lk1:32,33
131.Ps89:36,37 His character,Faithfulness Rev1:5
132.Ps90:2 He is from everlasting Mic5:2;Jn1:1
133.Ps91:11,12 Identified as Messianic; used to tempt Christ Lk4;10,11
134.Ps97:9 His exaltation predicted Acts1:11;Eph1:20
135.Ps100:5 His character,Goodness Matt19:16,17
136.Ps102:1,11 The Suffering and Reproach of Calvary Jn21:16,30
137.Ps102:16 Son of Man comes in Glory Lk.21:24,Rev12:5,10
138.Ps102:25,27 Messiah is the Preexistent Son Heb1:10,12
139.Ps109:4 Prays for His enemies Lk23:34
140.Ps109:7,8 Another to succeed Judas Acts1:16,20
141.Ps109:25 Ridiculed Matt27:39
142.Ps110:1 Son of David Matt22:43
143.Ps110:1 To ascend to the right,hand of the Father Mark16:19
144.Ps110:1 David’s son called Lord Matt22:44,45
145.Ps110:4 A priest after Melchizedek’s order Heb6:20
146.Ps112:4 His character,Compassionate,Gracious Matt9;36
147.Ps118:17,18 Messiah’s Resurrection assured Lk24:5,7;1Cor15:20
148.Ps118:22,23 The rejected stone is Head of the corner Matt21:42,43
149.Ps118:26a The Blessed One presented to Israel Matt21:9
150.Ps118:26b To come while Temple standing Matt21;12,15
151.Ps132:11 The Seed of David Lk1:32
152.Ps138:1,6 The supremacy of David’s Seed amazes kings Matt2:2,6
153.Ps147:3,6 The earthly ministry of Christ described Lk4:18
154.Ps1:23 He will send the Spirit of God Jn16;7
155.Prov8:22,23 The Messiah would be from everlasting Jn17:5
156.Prov30:4 Declared to be the Son of God Jn3:13,Rom1:2,4,10:6,9,2 Pet1:17
157.S.Sol5:16 The altogether lovely One Jn1:17
158.Is2:2,4 Repentance for the nations Lk24:47
159.Is4:2 Messiah reigning
160.Is5:1,6 Son of God’s vineyard Mat21.33
161.Is6:1 When Is.saw His glory Jn12:40,41
162.Is6:9,10 Parables fall on deaf ears Matt13:13,15
163.Is6:9,12 Blinded to Christ and deaf to His words Acts28:23,29
164.Is7:14 To be born of a virgin Lk1:35
165.Is7:14 To be Emmanuel,God with us Matt1:18,23
166.Is8:8 Called Emmanuel Matt28:20
167.Is8:14 A stone of stumbling,a Rock of offense 1Pet2:8
168.Is9:1,2 His ministry to begin in Galilee Matt4:12,17
169.Is9:6 A child born,Humanity Lk1:31
170.Is9:6 A Son given,Deity Lk1:32;Jn1;14;1Tim3:16
171.Is9:6 Declared to be the Son of God with power Rom1:3,4
172.Is9:6 The Wonderful One Lk4:22
173.Is9:6 The Counselor Matt13:54
174.Is9:6 The Mighty God Matt11:20
175.Is9:6 Father of eternities Jn8:58
176.Is9:6 The Prince of Peace Jn16:33
177.Is9:7 To establish an everlasting kingdom Lk1:32,33
178.Is9:7 His Character,Just Jn5:30
179.Is9:7 No end to his Government,Throne,and Peace Lk1:32,33
180.Is11:1 Called a Nazarene,the Branch Matt2:23
181.Is11:1 A rod out of Jesse,Son of Jesse Lk3:23,32
182.Is11:2 The anointed One by the Spirit Matt3;16,17
183.Is11:2 His Character,Wisdom,Understanding Jn4:4,26
184.Is11:4 His Character,Truth Jn14:6
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