This is a question that many Christians are asking; many men of God disciple people unto themselves, instead of making them disciples of Jesus according to Mat.28:19, so these people never get to learn to discern the voice of God; they dont know God because of unbelief, love of self or a lack of proper teaching and are always in need of someone else to speak to them on behalf of God, as Israel did in the desert, ‘Moses, you speak to us instead of God for we are afraid…’, see Exodus 20:19.

God speaks in different way:

–Nature says on God’s behalf: ‘God exists and He has an eternal power’ Rom.1:20
–‘God is majestic, glorious and infinite’ Ps.19:1
–‘God gives us rain, fruitful seasons and all needed for living’ Acts 14:17; rain falls on the righteous and on the unrighteous speaking about a loving God Mat.5:45;

*2. GOD SPEAKS THROUGH THE SUPERNATURAL:* miracles supported the message of the Apostles proving they were sent by God: Rom.15:9; 2Cor.12:12; Heb.2:4; however, beware of false signs and miracles: 2Thes.2:9; Jesus rebuked Thomas for desiring a miracle instead of having faith John 20:29; Jesus did a lot of miracles but He knew miracles done before rebellious pharisees would not bring them to faith Mat.12:39;

*3. THROUGH DREAMS AND VISIONS:* Abraham Gen.15:1, Abimelech Gen.20:1-7, Jacob Gen.28:10-17, Joseph Gen.37:1-11, Pharaoh’s cup bearer and baker Gen.40, Pharaoh Gen.41, Samuel in 1Sam.3, The Midianite and Amalekite armies Jud.7:12-15 and others; there are lately many testimonies of dreams and visions of Jesus in the Muslim world;

*4. GOD SPOKE LAST THROUGH JESUS:* Heb.1:1-2, Jn.10:27, 12:49; receiving Christ as Savior is the only way a person can be saved and thus really having a possibility to learn discerning the voice of God Jn.8:47;

*5. GOD SPEAKS THROUGH THE BIBLE:* 2Tim.3:16, 2Pet.1:20-21; Rev.1:1-3 and 22:18-20; prophecies and supernatural scientific knowledge attest its author is God; Satan said to Jesus, ”it is logos (written)” in Mat.4:6, but Jesus was able to answer, ”it is rhema (a personal word that produces fellowship)” v7, Satan can read the logos but can’t have a personal word from God, ”rhema” (same applies for the unsaved);

*6. THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR HEARTS:* Rom.8:16, 26,27; Gal.4:6; 1Jn.2:27; the Holy Spirit might give you peace or restlessness in regards to making certain decisions (choosing between 2 options that are not sin); He might bring to your remembrance a certain verse that helps you in a situation of need;
Many claim to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit but they act in opposition to the Word of God: you can conclude that it is not God leading them! Why would the Holy Spirit lead a believer that willingly ignores the voice of God in the Scriptures? Mat.22:29: ”You greatly err because you dont know the Scriptures…”

*7. THROUGH CHRISTIANS WITNESSING FOR GOD*, thus God speaks to the unsaved Acts1:8, 2Cor.5:20; Jn.13:20, 17:20; Acts 18:9-10; 1Cor.14:21;

*8. THROUGH GODLY COUNSELORS:* Prov.13:20, 15:22; Jn.17:8 God’s voice can be heard through godly men of God that speak the Word of God in preaching, teaching, counseling, encouragement, fellowship;

*9. THROUGH CIRCUMSTANCES:* 1Cor.16:9, Rev. 3:7; however, circumstances alone are not sufficient to discern the will and voice of God; God controls human history and all things that happen are directed or allowed by God, 1Cor.10:13, Job2:10; God can use circumstances to rebuke and chastise a rebellious child of God (1Cor.11:29-32, Heb.12:6) or to test a believer and to help him grow (2Pet.1:7, 2Cor.12:9);

What is required for a believer to hear or discern the voice of God? Humility, concentration on God, availability, worship, study and meditation on the Word.

Ps.46:10 ”Be still and know that I am God…”
1Kings 19:11-12 Gos spoke through a still small voice, not through the storm or the earthquake;
Jn.10:27 ”MY sheep listen to MY voice…”
Prov.1:24 ”Because I have called you and you refused to listen…”
Heb.4:7 ”Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your heart…”
Rev. 2:7,11,17,29; 3:6,13,22 ”He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”

God so longs to speak to us but because we do not pull ourselves away from the hustle and noise of life, His voice is muffled. Jesus constantly withdrew to commune and hear the voice of the Father (Mark 6:46; Luke 5: 16; Luke 6: 12). May we come away daily to a quiet place to commune with God and hear His voice.

Pastor Daniel ggzim.org