01. …because Jesus being God incarnate, *He HAD TO DIE ON THE CROSS AS A MAN* paying for the sins of all humans ever to exist 1Jn2:2, 2Cor.5:18.

02. …because the death and resurrection of Jesus were *PLANNED BY THE TRINITY BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN*, therefore before Adam and Eve were created and of course before they had sinned! Acts 2:23, 4:28, Rev.13:8; God knows all things before they happen, as HE exists outside of time Is.46:10. God had prepared the solution before the problem existed!

03. …because though *JESUS HAD THE POWER TO DEFEND HIMSELF* against the sufferings of the crucifixion, He didn’t! Is.53:7; Mat.26:53; Jn.18:11.

04. …because Jesus was tempted by Satan and all his demons to quit the plan of the Father by avoiding the cross *BUT HE OVERCAME THEM BY DYING ON THE CROSS*! Mat.4:9-11, 27:40; Mark8:33; Col.3:15; Gen.3:15.

05. …during the 3 days while dead, from Friday evening until Sunday morning, *JESUS WENT TO THE ”PRISON”*, see 1Pet.3:19, Ps.24, the place where spirits are kept for the final judgment and HE proclaimed to them his victory: ”kerusso” in Greek means ”to herald, to proclaim, to announce”, much as a conquering king at the time was sending heralds through a defeated kingdom to announce his victory; Jesus did not ”preach” to those spirits, offering to them a second chance, there is no second chance after death for humans: Heb.9:27, also never a second chance for demons: Mat.8:29.

06. …because Jesus *EMPTIED THE TEMPORARY DWELLING* of the righteous that was in the bottom of the earth (”Abraham’s bosom”), taking them to heaven with Him after the resurrection: Luke 16:22, 26; Ps.68:18; before the cross sins were just temporarily covered by the blood of animal sacrifices, at the cross sins were removed, washed, Rev.1:5.

07. …because on the cross Jesus was forsaken by the Father and also punished for our sins, so that we who believe *WOULD NEVER BE FORSAKEN OR PUNISHED*! Mat.27:46 / Heb.13:5; 2Cor.5:18, Gal.1:4.

08. …because the resurrection of Jesus is the proof that the *FATHER HAS ACCEPTED JESUS’ SACRIFICE* for our sins Rom.4:25, 1Cor.15:17; immediately after the resurrection Jesus said to Mary, ”dont touch Me as I didn’t yet ascend to my Father” (Jn.20:17), then He ascended with his precious blood into the heavenly tabernacle (Heb.9:12,23,24); few days later Jesus said to Thomas, ‘come touch Me…it is I’ Jn.20:27.

09. …because we, believers in Jesus, are assured to soon *HAVE A RESURRECTION BODY* just as Jesus has: 1Jn.3:2; Rom.6:5.

10. …because of the cross *A PERFECT HUMAN NOW REPRESENTS US IN HEAVEN*, ever living to make intercession for us: Heb.7:25!

11. …because of the cross and the resurrection, *JESUS, WHO IS GOD, WILL ALWAYS BE THE GOD-MAN*! Jesus will always continue to be GOD and will forever have a glorified human body!

12. …because of the cross and the resurrection now the *SPIRIT OF CHRIST IS FREE TO LIVE INSIDE THE BELIEVERS* in Christ: 1Cor.3:16,6:19!

13. …because of the cross and the resurrection, *BELIEVERS IN JESUS ARE DEAD AND RISEN WITH CHRIST* and are placed already in the heavenly places: Col.3/3, Eph.1:3-5.

14. …because of the cross and the resurrection, *BELIEVERS IN CHRIST ARE MY BROTHERS AND MY SISTERS IN CHRIST*: John1:12; those who dont believe yet are loved by Christ and called to believe in Him: Mat.11:28 therefore I LOVE THEM BECAUSE OF CHRIST: Rom.13:9, Eph.5:1.

15. …because of the cross and the resurrection, *I HAVE A NEW HOME IN HEAVEN*: Phil.3:20.

16. …because of the cross and the resurrection, *I HAVE NEW PRIORITIES* in this life: Mat.6:20, Col.3:1-3.

17. because of the cross and the resurrection, *THIS WORLD AFFECTED BY SIN WILL SOON BE CHANGED*: Rom.8:21, 2Pet.3:13, Rev.21:1.


Pastor Daniel Timofte,