Bible College – Correspondence Course

Dear students of the Word,

We welcome your desire to study the Word of God!

Please write to us an email at to inform us that you desire to start our correspondence course.

Next step is to go to our ”Resources” page and download the audios for the courses;

Please take hand-written notes on a notebook size A4 and send us photos of the first page of notes for each of these audio messages by email (send all photos at once after finishing every course, therefore about 30 photos for every course); remember to write at the top your name, name of message, date; try to take notes while listening to the message without pausing or stopping the message, do not worry if you don’t manage in the beginning to write many notes, you will gradually learn and grow in this area.

Here is the list of courses:

Module 1:
1. Applied Bible Doctrine (Romans)
2. Pauline Epistles (part 1)
3. Old Testament Survey
4. Methods of Evangelism
5. Proverbs
6. Intro to Theology
7. Intro to Missions
8. Pentateuch

Inform us when you finish the first module.

Module 2:
9. Applied Bible Doctrine
10. Pauline Epistles (part 2)
11. New Testament Survey
12. Joshua
13. Acts
14. Hebrews
15. Preparation for Team Life
16. Great Men of the Bible
–Total about 500 mp3 audio messages

We will send you an assignment upon completion of each module.
After finishing you will receive a Distance Learning Certificate; you can also continue studying with us in our Harare premises, the above courses being the equivalent of one year of our class studies.