False teachers have invented the false doctrine of ”spiritual spouse” to mean that a demon might have espoused you with or against your will and you need the ”man of God” to deliver you.

Here are some points to consider:

*1.”SPIRITUAL HUSBAND/WIFE” IS A PAGAN DOCTRINE* (Buddhism, Hinduism, voodoo-witchcraft, ancestral worship and other pagan demonic religions), it is not in the Bible. These false teachers twist verses like Matthew 13:25, which says, “But while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away,” to teach that spiritual husbands come at night to have sex with humans in their sleep! That parable obviously speaks about the false doctrines of the evil one, not about demons having sex with people.

In Genesis chapter 6 demons took on human bodies to have children with humans in order to distort all human race so as to block Jesus from becoming a human; God has destroyed those demons’ human bodies at the flood and has placed those demons in everlasting chains awaiting their final judgment: see Jude 6 and 2Pet.2:4. Not all demons have done that since there are demons that are not in chains today, but are free on the earth awaiting the time of their final doom (Mat.8:29).

Demons today can’t have human bodies as before the flood, but they can possess humans’ bodies that allow them (small children can be possessed against their will because of their parents who are not a godly covering); demons can influence a Christian through temptation but they can’t possess a Christian, as he is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, 1Cor.3:16,6:19 (ask me for a detailed study about the in-habitation of the Holy Spirit).
Jesus told the disciples in Luke 24:39 that a spirit does not have flesh and bones (therefore sex neither).

A demon (evil spirit) can’t have sex with a human’s body or spirit and can’t marry another spirit or body, see Mark12:25;

In Mat.4 and Luke 4 Satan carried Jesus to a high mountain to tempt him with the kingdoms of this world: he needed permission from the Father for that, remember that the Holy Spirit led Jesus in the desert to be tempted by Satan, see Mat4:1 (see also how Satan obtained permission from God to harm Job in order to test him: Job1:12, 2:6; see also Jn.19:11). Satan did not carry Jesus or Job in the ”underworld” and did not have sex with any of them.

-if you dream you have sex with a friend they say you just had sex with a demon under the cover-up of your friend’s image; that is wrong: dreams come from the multitude of your daily thoughts Eccl.5:3; if you entertain sexual lust during the day, you will have sexual dreams at night; ask me for our study ”Dreams and visions”. Demons can’t give you dreams: dreams are a natural function of your brain (most pregnant women dream a lot, also people on certain medication) and supernaturally only God can give dreams, not demons. But if demons make you fall in the temptation to lust (or sin) during your day, you will automatically have crazy dreams at night.
These weird teachers say that if you don’t remember having sexual dreams, it is because your spirit spouse has erased your memory so you still need deliverance from the ”man of God”…

Mostly the doctrine of ‘spiritual spouse’ is supported with dreams of people, this is their only ‘proof’ that the ‘underworld exists’. Those who have dreams of an ‘underworld’ have always thought a lot about it and feared it before having those dreams. Their fear has caused their dreams.
Other times demon possessed people (unsaved) have demonic false visions (as hypnosis) of an invented ”underworld”, see Ez.13:7, 22:28; Lam.2:14, Col.2:18.

-They fail to counsel from a biblical perspective: first they should make sure the person asking for counsel has received Jesus as Savior; then teaching the counseled about what is marriage, about sexual purity and about walking in obedience to the Word of God and the Spirit of Christ. Instead of urging to repent from sin, they shift the responsibility to blame demons and organize a ”deliverance session”, of course for a ‘small gift’ or a fee or even just for undue honor.

*4. DEMONS’ HABITATION is on the earth, according to the Bible, not in some ”underworld”:*
-Eph.6:12 says demons are ”above the skies” (‘epiouranos’ in Greek, or atmosphere); Rev.12:7-12 says Satan and his demons were cast on the earth;
-God is the only creator, see Gen.1:1, Col.1:15,16; demons could not have created an ”underworld”, they are not creators but distorters;
-the ”underworld” can’t be hell: demons fear hell (Luke 8:31) therefore demons can’t go in hell to torture people or to have sex with them; Catholics believe demons torture people in hell, which is not true: hell is a place of eternal punishment created by God for demons and unbeliving humans, where they will suffer, see Mat.25:41;

*5. The false doctrine of demons taking people to the ”UNDERWORLD” HAS THE RESULT that people run to false prophets* to offer protection and deliverance against demons, while in fact the biggest part of DEMONS’ WORK IS THE SPREADING OF FALSE DOCTRINES:
–5 billion of people are non-Christians following many different false religions, like Islam, Buddhism, Atheism (yes atheism is a religious view where man is god), Materialism.
–out of the 2 billion of self-declared ‘Christians’ a vast number might not be born again, believing doctrines of demons like salvation by works instead of grace, or denying the Trinity.

See verses about the work of demons: Jn13:27; Acts26:18; 1Cor10:20; 2Cor11:14; 2Cor12:7; 1Tim.4:1, 5:15; 2Thes2:9;2:24;3:9; 9:20;12:9; 16:14; 20:7-8. Some of the demons’ doctrines are blocking people from getting saved, other false doctrines forbid the saved from growing spiritually.

If one believes demons can take Christians to some ”underworld” to have sex with them, then he rejects major Christian doctrines presented above and he fears demons, running to a false solution: the ”man of God” to deliver him, instead of putting on the Armour of the Spirit, Eph6:10-18, 1Pet5:7, 1Jn4:4,18

*Here are some WAYS TO HELP someone who thinks he has a spiritual spouse*:
–make sure they have accepted Jesus as Savior;
–teach them what it means that they are children of God (see our studies ”95 things that happen at the moment of salvation”, also ”Salvation Assurance”)
–teach them about mind renewal Rom.12:1-2; a consistent daily intake of Bible doctrine through a daily Bible reading plan and godly teachings;
–teach them the doctrine of sexual purity and the doctrine of marriage;
–teach them the doctrine of Spirit Filling (I can send you some studies of this subject).

Pastor Daniel, ggzim.org