*2 categories:*

*What God has done -POSITIONAL (who you are):*

1. He foreknew us-Rom8:29; 1Pet1:2
2. He elected us -Rom8:33; Col3:12; 1Thes. 1:4; Tit. 1:1; 1Pet. 1:2
3. He predestinated us -Rom8:29-30;
Eph. 1:5, 11
4. We are chosen -Mat22:14; 1Pet2:4
5. We are called -1Thes5:24
6. We are reconciled by God -2 Cor5:18-19; Col1:20
7. We are reconciled to God-Rom5:10; 2Cor5:20
8. Redeemed by God -Rom3:24;Col1:14; 1 Pet1:18
9. We are born again spiritually -Jn3:7;1Pet1:23
10. We are regenerated -Jn. 13:10;1Cor6:11; Titus3:5
11. We are made righteous and the righteousness of God is unto us and upon us who believe -Rom.3:22; 1Cor1:30; 2Cor5:21; Gal3:22,Phil3:9
12. We are justified -Acts13:39; Rom3:26,5:1, 8:30; 1Cor6:11; Titus3:7
13. We are glorified -Rom8:30
14. We receive the Spirit of adoption -Rom8:15-16,23;Gal4:4-6, God is our Father 1Cor.1:3;8:6; Gal.1:4; Eph1:2;4:6
15. We are complete in Him -Col2:10
16. We are sanctified -1Cor1:30, 6:11
17. Forgiven -Acts10:43;Rom.4:25;Col.1:14,2:13,3:13;Eph1:7,4:32;1Pet2:24
18. Quickened, brought to life -Rom4:17, Eph2:1; Col2:13
19. Perfected forever -Heb10:14
20. We are accepted -Eph1:6;1Pet2:5
21. We are made meet -Col1:12
22. We are crucified with Christ -Rom6:6, 6:8; Gal2:20; 1Pet2:24
23. Buried with Christ -Rom6:4; Col2:12
24. We are raised with Christ – Rom6:4;Eph2:6; Col3:1
25. Seated in heavenly places – Eph2:6
26. We are born of the Spirit -Jn3:6
27. We are baptized with the Spirit -1Cor12:13; 10:17
28. We have the earnest, or deposit, of the Holy Spirit, securing our place in heaven-2Cor1:22;5:5; Eph 1:13-14
29. Indwelt by the Spirit -Jn7:39; Rom5:5,8:9;1Cor6:19;2Cor1:22;Gal4:6
30. We are sealed by the SpiritJn.7:39;2Cor1:22; Eph1:13,4:30
31. We are in God -1Thes1:1
32. We are in Christ -Jn14:20
33. We are in the Spirit -Rom8:9
34. We are dead to the law -Rom7:4
35. We are delivered from the law -Rom6:14, 7:6; 2Cor3:11; Gal3:25
36. We are circumcised in Christ -Rom2:29; Phil3:3; Col2:11
37. Made near to God by the blood of Christ -Eph2:13; Jam4:8; Heb10:22
38. We are delivered from the power of darkness -Col1:13, 2:13-15
39. We are translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son -Col1:13
40. We are given as a gift to Christ by the Father -Jn17:6,11,12,20;10:29
41. He gives us life in His name Jn20 v31 and eternal life in His Son Jn3:15-16,36;5:24;6:47;11:25; 1Jn5:11-12
42. We will never die – Jn11:26

*What He is to The Believer:*

43. Jesus Christ is our propitiation -Rom3:25-26; 1Jn2:2
44. Jesus Christ is our foundation -Eph2:20; 1Cor3:11; 2Cor1:21
45. Jesus Christ is our life -Col3:4
46. He is our Head -Col2:10
47. Our husband -2Cor11:2
48. He is our advocate -1Jn2:1
49. He is our brother -Heb2:11
50. He is our friend -Jn15:15
51. Our Shepherd -Jn10:11; 1Pet2:25
52. Our high priest -Heb3:1;4:14; 6:20
What He Makes Us:
53. Sons of God -2Cor6:18; Gal3:26; 1Jn3:2 and children of God-Rom9:26
54. A new creation -2Cor5:17; Gal6:15
55. Members of His Body 1 Cor12:13
56. His Bride -Eph5:25-27
57. Saints -1Cor1:2
58. His holy priesthood -1Pet2:5,9 and his royal priesthood -1Pet2:9; Rev1:6
59. A chosen generation, a peculiar people -Tit2:14; 1Pet2:9
60. His inheritance -Eph1:18
61. God’s building -1Cor3:9; our body is His temple -1Cor3:16, 6:19
62. Heavenly citizens -Luke10:20;Eph2:19; Phil3:20; Heb12:22
63. Laborers together with Him-1Cor3:9, 2Cor6:1
64. Ambassadors for Christ – 2Cor5:20
65. Ministers of God -2Cor3:3,6; 6:4
66. His household -Gal6:10;Eph2:19
67. His people -2Cor6:16
68. His beloved -Rom9:25

*EXPERIENTIAL (what you have):*

69. There is no condemnation for the believer -Rom8:1; Jn3:18, 5:24; 1Cor11:32
70. We reign in life as more than conquerors -Rom5:17; 8:37
71. Light in the Lord -Eph5:8;1Thes5:4
72. We have access to God -Rom5:2;
Eph2:18; Heb4:14-16; Heb10:19-20
73. He loves us -Jn3:16; Eph2:4, 5:2
74. He gives us His grace -Eph2:8
75. He gives us His power -Eph1:19;Phil2:13
76. He is faithful to us -Phil1:6;Heb13:5
77. He gives us His peace -Col3:15
78. He gives us hope -Eph1:18
79. He gives us every spiritual blessing-Eph1:3
80. He gives us rest -Heb4:3, Mat11:28
81. He gives us joy-Rom15:13;1Pet1:8
82. He consoles us -2 Thes2:16
83. He intercedes for us -Heb7:25, 9:24; Rom8:34
84. He keeps us -Rom5:2
85. He instructs us -Tit2:12-13
86. He saves us in the details and circumstances of life -Rom1:16
87. He gives us an inheritance -Eph1:14; Col3:24; Heb9:15; 1Pet1:4
88. We have fellowship with Him -1Cor1:9; 1Jn1:9
89. He is faithful to us in suffering -Rom8:18; Phil1:29; Col1:24;1Thes3:3; 2Tim2:12; 1Pet2:20, 4:12
90. The Word of God works in us -1Thes2:13
91. We are not ashamed – Rom9:33, 10:11
92. We will never thirst again -Jn6:35
93. We will not be confounded 1Pet2:6
94. We overcome the world -1Jn5:5
95. His great power is toward us who believe -Eph1:19

Pastor Daniel