*”THE FIVE LANGUAGES OF LOVE”* (pdf book link included)

Here is one of the best books that can help a marriage and friendships, with over 3 millions copies sold.

Rarely do a husband and wife have the same primary emotional love language. We tend to speak our primary love language, and we become confused when our spouse does not understand what we are communicating. We are expressing our love, but the message does not come through because we are speaking what, to them, is a foreign language. Therein lies the fundamental problem, and it is the purpose of this book to offer a solution.
Once we discover the five basic love languages and understand our own primary love language, as well as the primary love language of our spouse, we will then have the needed information to apply the ideas in the book. Once you identify and learn to speak your spouse’s primary love language, I believe that you will have discovered the key to a long-lasting, loving marriage.

*Chapters of the book:*
1. What Happens to Love After the Wedding?
2. Keeping the Love Tank Full
3. Falling in Love
4. Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation
5. Love Language #2: Quality Time
6. Love Language #3: Receiving Gifts
7. Love Language #4: Acts of Service
8. Love Language #5: Physical Touch
9. Discovering Your Primary Love Language
10. Love Is a Choice
11. Love Makes the Difference
12. Loving the Unlovely
13. A Personal Word
Frequently Asked Questions
The Five Love Languages Profile for Husbands
The Five Love Languages Profile for Wives

Much of the above ideas can be applied for the relationship parent – child, also in any friendships.

*To download the Book ”The Five Languages of love”* by Gary Chapman click below (pdf format, less than 1mb, 135 pages, printer-friendly format):
Enjoy the book! Let me know how you find it.

Pastor Daniel