JESUS IS THE PROPHET announced by Moses in Deut.18:18, not Mohammed or any other ‘prophet’
There are three key positions in ancient Israel, that of *PROPHET*, *PRIEST*, AND *KING*.
A prophet would hear from God and speak to the people. A priest would hear from the people and intercede for them to God. A king would, of course, rule.
Jesus fulfills all of these positions. He spoke of His own death and even of future events, like when He spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem Mark13:2, Mat25 and of end times.
He was most certainly a priest, though not of the Levitical (and especially not the Aaronic) priesthood, but the Melchizedek priesthood, Heb7 and 8
He also is the King of Kings (Rev19:16), and heir to David’s throne (2Sam7:12-16, Mark10:47)
So, yes, this is speaking of Jesus.

*To be more precise about how exactly Jesus was a prophet like Moses, note the following similarities:*
1. Both Moses and Jesus were born when Israel was under bondage: Moses in Egypt Ex1:8,10, and Jesus during Israel’s Roman bondage Mt2:1,Lk2:1-2
2. Edicts were issued by the gentile powers of both Pharaoh and Herod for their death at birth Ex2:3, Mt2:15
3. Both were miraculously delivered from death during their infancy from their enemies of Israel Ex2:3, Lk.2:7;Mt 2:14,15 and were preserved in childhood
4. Both had been born and found in unusual places. Moses was found in the water floating in a basket of bulrushes Ex2:3 Jesus in a manger (cave) wrapped in burial cloths Lk.2:7
5. Both Moses and Jesus were protected and preserved by the faith of their parent. Moses was hidden by faith Ex2:2-3 and Heb11:23 Jesus’ life was preserved by his parents obeying the message in a dream Mt2:13-14
6. Both Moses and Jesus stayed safely in Egypt for a time. Moses Ex.2:10 Jesus dwelt safely in Egypt Mt.2:14-15
7. Both had their brethren and family speak against them. Moses had Mariam and Aaron speak against him taking a Cushite wife Numb12:1 Jesus had his family criticize and reject him Mt13:54-57, Jn7:3
8. Both Moses and Jesus were reared in the house that was not their natural parents: Moses in the house of Pharaoh Ex2:10 Jesus by Mary the mother of his humanity and his stepfather Joseph
9. Both predicted Israel’s history Deut28:15-28; Mt.23:34,24:1,2,8,34
10. Both spoke out against Israel’s enemies and persecutors Deut23:3-4; Mt25:41-48
11. Both were considered a snare to Israel Ex10:7; 1Pt2:8; Is8:14
12. Both cleansed leprosy. From Moses’ time no one that was Jewish was cleansed until Jesus came Numb12:10-16, Mk1:40-41. This is a very significant factor that proves Jesus was the prophet Moses spoke of, since no other cured one of the brethren of this disease from Moses’ time.
13. Both were used of God to feed Israel miraculously, Moses with manna in the wilderness Ex16:14-17 Jesus with the five loaves and two fish fed four and five thousand two times. (Mt14:19-21 Jesus also called himself the true manna that came from heaven in Jn.6, comparing himself to the miracle that sustained Israel alive through the desert.
14. Both had the forces of nature obey them (the seas) Ex.14:21-22, Mt.8:26-27
15. Each had seventy helpers Num11:16-17 Jesus Lk.10:1
16. Both fasted 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness to bring a covenant to Israel Ex24:18, 34:28, Deut9:9 Mt4:2
17. Both had a face to face relationship with God unlike any other person Ex33:9-11, Deut34:10; Numb12:7-8; Jesus was with God face to face from eternity Jn1:1,18
18. God spoke audibly and directly from heaven to both Moses and Jesus. Moses Ex20:22, 24:12-16; Mt3:17; Jn12:28
19. Both were God’s spokesman to and for the people: Ex9:35; Numb12:2; Heb1:1-3. They Spoke as oracles of God: Deut18:18; Jn.14:24, 5:24
20. Both Moses and Jesus reflected and shown the glory of God. Moses reflected his glory temporarily Ex34:29-35; 2Cor3:7-14 Jesus at the transfiguration, his face shown brighter than the sun revealing his true nature Mt17:2; Jn.1:14
21. Both were known for their humility and meekness as God’s servants Numb12:3; Mt11:29; Phil2:3-8
22. Both contended with masters of deception and darkness, Moses with Pharaohs magicians Ex7:11, 1Tim3:8, Jesus with the Devil Mt4:1
23. Both prayed for the people intercessory prayers and were willing to bear the consequences of the people’s sins. Moses asked to be blotted out of the book of life for the peoples sake (Ex32:32-33). Jesus asked for them to be kept from falling away (Jn17:9-17). Jesus asked for those to be forgiven while he bore the consequences in their stead Lk.23:34, 2Cor5:19, 1Pt2:21-24, Is53:8
24. Both Moses and Jesus were rejected by their own brethren for a time and accepted by the gentiles Ex2:14-22, 32:1 Jesus was rejected by his own people and received by another who were not his own Is53:3; Mt12:21; Mk6:4; Lk20:9-17, Rom11:20
25. Both Moses and Jesus established a priesthood. Moses began the Aaronic priesthood which was temporary under the law Lev9; Numb8:20-26; Heb9:19-22. Jesus established a eternal priesthood under the new covenant of grace which He alone functions as the high priest forever Heb.7:17,19,23,25-28; 9:12
26. Both sprinkled the blood of the covenant on the altar and the people Ex24:7-8; Lev8:19; Heb9,12:24; 1Pt1:2
27. Both were sent by God to reveal His name, person and law to the people. To Moses God said to tell them I Am sent you Ex.3:13-14; Jesus said God sent him as his exact representative revealing his name (I Am) and nature to the people Jn8:42; 17:6,11-12; Col2:9; Heb1:3
28. Both were involved in giving the covenant to the people Jn1:17 the law came through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” At the feast of Pentecost Moses gave the law. At the feast (Pentecost) in the new covenant Jesus gave the Holy Spirit (Acts 2)
29. Both brought deliverance to the Jewish people. Those who followed Moses out of the bondage of slavery to Egypt Ex3:7-8,10;12:31-33,42; Jesus brought people out of a greater bondage, slavery to sin Rom3:24-25,6:6-7,8:2-4; Eph1:7;Heb9:26
30. Both had an angel guard their graves. After Moses died Michael the Arch-angel guarded his body. (Jude 9) And when Jesus rose an angel guarded his tomb Matt26:2-6
31. Both re-appeared after they died, Moses see Mt17:3 with Jesus before his death, Jesus see Acts1:3
Pastor Daniel