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Other facts:
40.Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that eternal life in God’s presence is only for a select few. They claim that only a special group of 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses can be born again and live forever with God in heaven; all other Jehovah’s Witnesses stay on earth.
The Bible clearly teaches that all those who put their faith in Jesus Christ will have eternal life in the presence of God. The Bible refers to this group as an innumerable multitude: Rev7:9,15; Jn3:15; 5:24;12:26; Eph2:19; Phil3:20; Col3:1; Heb3:1; 12:22; 2 Pet1:10,11
–The JW’s believe that the Holy Spirit is only “God’s active force.” They deny the scriptural teaching that the Holy Spirit is a Member of the Holy Trinity:

“The Scriptures themselves unite to show that God’s holy spirit is not a person but is God’s active force by which he accomplishes his purpose and executes his will” (Aid to Bible Understanding, pg1543).

Not only do the JW’s deny the DEITY of the Holy Spirit, they even deny that He is a person. So, in this sense, Satan has been exalted ABOVE the Holy Spirit by the JW’s! The reason given by the JW’s for the personality of Satan is that:

“. . . the Bible calls Satan a manslayer, a liar, a father (in a spiritual sense) and a ruler. (Jn8:44,14:30) Only an intelligent person could fit all those descriptions.” See “Awake!”,Dec.8,1973

We agree Satan is a person, but how can any honest person say that and then DENY the personality of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit ALSO has also attributes that only a PERSON can have. For example:

1.Only a person could SPEAK, which the Holy Spirit does Acts2:11;13:2;Rev2:7

2.Only a person could TEACH and COMFORT Jn16:7,13

3.Only a person could have a MIND Rom8:27

4.Only a person could possess the POWER that the Holy Spirit possesses Rom15:19

5.Only a person could be INSULTED and GRIEVED (Heb.10:29; Eph.4:30).

So the Holy Spirit certainly IS a Person, but more than that, He is GOD, the Third Member of the Holy Trinity.


1.In Acts15:3 Peter accuses Ananias of lying to the Holy Spirit, and then in verse four Peter tells him that he had lied unto GOD

2.The Holy Spirit says in Acts13:2, “Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” GOD is the one who calls men to do His work Rom8:28; Gal1:6; 1Thess2:12;4:7; 2Thess2:13-14

3.Only God could perform all the great wonders that the Holy Spirit performs Ps104:30; Jn14:16, 26;16:8-14; Job33:4; 1Cor6:11; Eph1:13;4:30

4.The Holy Spirit is God because blasphemy against Him shall not be forgiven Mat12:31

5.The Holy Spirit is God because He is ETERNAL Heb9:14

6.The Holy Spirit is God because He is OMNIPRESENT Ps139:7-8

7.The Holy Spirit is God because He has the power to give life Jn3:6;6:63

8.The Scriptures are God’s word, and 2 Peter 1:21 says that the Holy Spirit INSPIRED the Scriptures. Therefore the Holy Spirit is God.

*Questions for JW’s:*
1.If all that was made was made through Logos Jn1:3 and for him Col1:16, Rom11:36, why add word “other/s” in Col1:15-17?

2.Was Jehovah God without wisdom before creating Jesus, called “wisdom” Prov8:22-31?

3.If ‘firstborn’ would mean ‘first created’, then what does ‘firstborn of the dead mean’? Or what does Israel Ex4:22 and Ephraim Jer31:9 being firstborn mean? Could not Paul use firstborn in Messianic sense? Ps89:27 “I will also appoint him my firstborn, the most exalted of the kings of the earth”

4.Why is Christ Jesus calling himself the first and the last? Rev1:17-18

5.Was early Christians’ understanding of Jesus as God, from A.D.30-250, wrong?

6.If Jesus is a lesser god because he is only Might God Is9:6, would that not make Jehovah God also lesser god since his  is also called Might God Is10:20-21?

7.If Only-begotten Jn3:16 means Jesus was Jehovah’s first creation, how then do we explain Isaac Heb11:17 being the only-begotten of Abraham and not Ishmael?

8.Why did God, in Gen1:26, said let us make man in our image (God’s image, not angel+God)?

9.Could you explain how “Jehovah made it rain sulfur from Jehovah” Gen19:24 NWT?

10.Why did Thomas say to Christ Jesus “my Lord and my God?”(Jn20:28;Ps35:23)?

11.Why does historical documents show that the first Christians and Apostolic Fathers prayed and worshiped Christ Jesus as God?

12.Why did Jehovah’s Witnesses properly worshiped Christ Jesus until1954?

13.Ps2 says, ”you are my Son, today I have begotten you”. Does that speak of Jesus’ creation, together with Col1:15? Then why Paul in Acts13:33 says that Ps2 applies to the resurrection of Jesus?

14.Where is the great crowd located in Rev.19:1? Heaven. Therefore all believers go to heaven. (JW’s say only 144,000 believers go to heaven, the rest stay on earth).

15.Why does WatchTower ignore the following verses in saying that we don’t go to heaven? Col1:5; Heb10:34; 1Pet1:4; Rev19:1;Matt.6:20; Jn12:26,14:3; Heb3:1; 2Cor5:1

16.In Rom8:9, the NWT states that “Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his”. Remind the JW that he has admitted that he has not received Christ’s Spirit to dwell in his heart by being born again. In the light of Rom8:8-9, can you reach any other conclusion that you cannot please God v8, and that you do not belong to Christ v9?

17.In 1 Jn5:1 NWT: “Everyone believing that Jesus is the Christ has been born from God”, does the expression “everyone believing” leave any believers out? (No). In Gal4:5-6, the NWT states that Christ came “that we … might receive the adoption as sons. Now because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, and it cries out “Abba, Father”.Ask: Have you been adopted as a son of God, by receiving the Spirit of Christ into your heart, as shown here? (No).

18.Why does the Watchtower [WT] translate “ego eimi” as “I am”, 133 out of 134 New Testament occurrences, except where it proves Christ is God in Jn8:58? Here they translate “ego eimi” as “I have been”. Why? Why does the WT translate the New Testament word for Lord (“Kurios”) as Jehovah, except where it proves Christ is God? For example, “Jesus Christ is Lord” in Phil2:11 and “Jesus is Lord” in 1Cor12:3.

19.Why does the WT change “worship” in Heb1:8 in the 1961 NWT edition, to “do obedience” in the 1971 NWT edition, to deny Christ the worship as God?

20.Why does the WT make up false lying quotes of the Church fathers on page 7 of “Should You Believe In The Trinity” and not source it, when all these men believed that Jesus is God from their other quotes? Have you read any writings of the early Church fathers? They all believed that Jesus Christ is God.

21.Do you give worshipful honor to the Son as God, just as you give honor to the Father as God? (JW: No). Then you are not honoring the Father Jn5:23

22.Whose name were you baptized in? Matt28:19-20

23.Why does the New Testament always lift up Jesus Christ’s name, not Jehovah’s name. (1Cor1:2,10; 5:4-5, 6:11; Col3:17; 2Thess1:12;3:6; 2Tim2:19; Rev2:13; Matt18:20; Acts1:8,3:16, 4:10,12,17-18, 5:28,41,8:16,9:15-16,10:43,16:18,11:26).

24.Why does the WT break the Granville-Sharp rule of the Greek grammar for Tit2:13 and 2Pet1:1, “… of God and our Savior, Jesus Christ”, which show Jesus Christ and God to be one and the same person? Yet they always get the rule right where the Deity of Christ is not an issue (such as in 2Pet1:11, 2:20, 3:2,18; 1Pet1:3,Eph1:3)?

25.In Jn1:1, “The word (Christ) was God”. Why does WT translate Jn1:1 as “a god”, when in Jn1:6, 12,13,18 where “theos” also has no definite Greek article, they translate it as “God” every time? Don’t they want Christ to be God? Are they anti-Christ?

26.Why does the WT insist that Christ is first created, when the meaning of “firstborn” (Gk:prototokos) means “pre-eminent or ruler”? David (Ps.89:27), Ephraim (Gen41:50-52 and Jer31:9), Jacob (Ex4:22), and Solomon (1Chron3:2) were all called “firstborn”, but none of them were born first. Why? Because “firstborn” can mean “chief”, as with Christ, and not first created

27.In Is9:6, Jesus Christ is called the “everlasting Father” meaning “Father of Eternity”. Only God can be the possessor, or Father of Eternity. Doesn’t this make Christ to be God?

28. If we pray to Christ, then doesn’t that make Christ to be God? “All that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.” (see 1Cor1:2). Would you pray to an angel? (JW: No) Hence, Jesus is not Michael. Abraham called upon the name of the Lord Gen.12:8

29. If God and the Lamb have one Throne, one Face and one Name in Rev22:1,3-4, doesn’t that make God and Christ equal?

30. Since the Bible gives 56 attributes to the Son, that are also given exclusively to the Father, isn’t this enough to prove that Christ is God? One who has all these attributes must be God (For example, eternal: Micah :2; coming quickly: Is40:10). 

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Do not enter quarrels with JW’s, just present them this message, give your testimony of having received Jesus then leave them alone, just keeping them in prayer, having pity of their present evil deception 1Pet3:15 and 2Tim2:25

Pastor Daniel