So, what is evangelism? *Evangelism is a believer sharing the person/claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ* with a person who has yet to believe the claims of the gospel or trust the person at the center of the gospel – Jesus Christ. The gospel is “that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures” (1Cor15:3-4; Rom10:9-13). The gospel is clearly stating what God has done in Christ for the sinner, calling for repentance and belief. To fail to do this is to fail at evangelism. All the aforementioned dimensions of church life are but outgrowths and/or compliments to the gospel itself.

In Acts17:17 Paul was doing street evangelism, talking *ONE-ON-ONE* with people in the market place. Jesus sent the disciples 2 by 2, in Mark6:7; Christianity’s method of street evangelism has been lately ”confiscated” by cults, like Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses: Christians don’t do it anymore for fear that they would be identified with those cults!

Rom6:23 says *ETERNAL LIFE IS A FREE GIFT* through faith in Jesus. Not a wage, not a medal, not a loan, not a merit, not a merchandise. You can use this approach when evangelizing: ”Hi, do you think eternal life is a free gift, a wage, a medal for those who keep the 10 commandments, a merit for those who do good?” Then read to them Rom6:23, also Jn3:16. Eternal life is a free gift received through faith or trust in Jesus who died for our sins. I met someone who has been attending church for 17 years but thought salvation is a merit or a wage…he was shocked and filled with joy to hear that salvation is a gift through faith in Jesus!

Ask the person you evangelize: *’will you be in heaven or in hell after you die?’* They might answer, ”Yes, because I go to church!” Or: ”I was baptized!” But these do not save, only trusting in Jesus saves! The water of baptism can’t wash your sins, only the blood of Jesus does, see Rev.1:5, 1Jn1:7. They might answer, ”I believe in Jesus!”, but in fact they mean, ‘I heard about Jesus, I know he died on the cross for the sins of mankind.”; this one is like someone who is sick and believes that in the hospital they have the cure for his sickness, but he doesn’t go there, he delays. Delaying to receive Jesus as Savior is in fact refusal.
To receive Christ is to accept that He has paid for your sins, that you have died with Christ on that cross and you are raised from the dead to a new life with Christ.

Plan to evangelize at least 10 people per week or 2 per day; take their whatsapp phone number (preferably if same gender as you, to avoid doubts about your intents; or give them your same-gender spouse/family/a friend’s phone number); share with them through whatsapp teachings to encourage them in faith; if it is easier for you, send us their whatsapp numbers so that we can include them in our whatsapp phone list for Bible studies. If you enjoy these teachings, others might enjoy them also.
*Less than 1% of Christians ever share the Gospel with a stranger*; will you be among the 99% who never do evangelize? In a bus, in a shop, at school, anywhere where you have an opportunity, open your mouth to share on purpose the Gospel of Jesus with others. You might say, ”I am shy…” But God will give you strength: if there was a house on fire you would not be shy to shout in order to awake the ones sleeping inside, right?

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Pastor Daniel