SABBATH – part2

…part 2
From those failing to keep the LAW, God required sacrifices of animals that were pointing to Jesus, therefore nobody has ever been saved through the keeping of the law.The law was given to prove to every human that they are sinners, to shut every mouth that would try to boast before God Rom3:19. No human has ever kept the 10 commandments perfectly, only Jesus; we humans have broken every commandment: have you killed? Maybe not, but Jesus said, if you get angry with your brother you are guilty as a criminal Mat5:22, if you look at a woman with lust you have committed adultery in your heart Matt5:28; if you break one commandment you have broken all James2:10.
Does that mean we should live in sin willfully? No, but trying to keep the law does not take you to heaven or does not justify you before God.You being 99% pure does not make you better than the one that is 0.05% pure, you still deserve hell! You can only be 100% if washed in the blood of Jesus.
Salvation is not by works or merit, but by grace, you cant mix grace with works Rom11:6.And of course God knows to chastise his children that are rebellious Heb12:6, 1Cor11:29-30 but he does not cast his children into hell.Jesus will reward godly living, that reward is not heaven itself (which is a gift), but rewards will be received in heaven: 1Cor3:10-15.Ask yourself: is heaven a reward or a gift? See Rom6:23.
The law had different *SHADOWS or SYMBOLS pointing to Christ* Heb8:5,9.23,10:1,Col2:17:
–the *TEMPLE* spoke of the body of Jesus: Jn2:19; it had an ALTAR that symbolized the cross, a BASIN for washing hands that speaks of confessing sins 1Jn1:9, a LAMP-STAND with 7 arms speaking of Jesus as the light of the world Jn8:12, the PROPITIATORY symbol of the heavenly throne of God where Jesus went with His own blood Heb9:12, a VEIL that was broken from top to bottom symbolized the Body of Jesus broken for us on the cross Heb10:20, WOOD PILLARS COVERED IN GOLD spoke of Jesus humanity and divinity, exterior of the temple was covered not in gold but in animal skins which have NO BEAUTY just as Jesus had no human beauty Is53:2, INCENSE altar that speaks of prayer as Jesus intercedes for us Rom8:34; A HIGH PRIEST, Jesus being our High Priest Heb8:1
–different *CEREMONIALS* and interdiction: regulations regarding uncleanness (touching a woman during menstruation days, touching a dead body, touching blood or a bleeding person etc), redeeming the first born; interdictions regarding foods as symbols for sin; holy-days: sabbatical days and sabbatical years, jubilee years; feasts: tents feast speaking of the tabernacle of God Rev21:3, feast of trumpets speaking of the rapture 1Thes4:16, feast of the first fruits speaking of Jesus as first fruit 1Cor15:23, feast of Pentecost speaking about the coming of the Holy Spirit and…many many other rituals and symbols and shadows.

*Some sabatarians think that according to Is66:22-23 there will be Sabbath keeping in heaven,* but that passage speaks about the millennium as only then will there be dead bodies seen as v24 says, in heaven (eternity) there will be no dead bodies or hell to view as they will already be cast in the lake of fire Rev.20/14; in millennium there will be no rain upon those that don’t keep the Sabbath or don’t bring animal sacrifices (Ez46:4, Zach14:17); in the millennium there will be a temple again, see Ezekiel ch.40,41 but in the new heavens and the new earth in Rev21:1 there will be no temple, as God is the Temple v21. There can’t be rain, chastisement, disobedience or blood sacrifices in the new heavens and the new earth (see Rev21:4 ‘no more tears or death’), but they will be in the millennium on the earth. Remember that at the end of the Millennium Satan is released on the earth for a little time and many will follow him in rebellion Rev20:1,3.
Adventists agree that Jesus has fulfilled the Old Testament ceremonials with the exception of Sabbath and foods; they ”keep the Sabbath” on their terms, not on God’s terms, claiming that grace allows them to keep the Sabbath the way they want; they also claim unclean animals are still forbidden to us, while the Bible teaches we can eat anything: Acts 10:9-15, Mat15:11, Rom14:14,17,20, 1Cor10:25, 1Tim4:4, Tit1:15. Animal with cloven hoofs were allowed by Moses, it symbolized a precise walk, animals that chew the cud were allowed which speak of meditation and fish with scales were allowed, scales speak of protection: our protection as Christians is the breastplate of righteousness Eph6:14, also the Word of God is our wall of protection Zach2:5.
*First Christians were meeting on Sunday* (often every day Acts2:46) not on Sabbath (unless they went on Sabbath to synagogues to evangelize the Jews): Jn20:19,26, Acts 20:7; 1Cor16:2, 1Cor16:2, Rev1:10; Acts2:1 Pentecost was on Sunday; Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday; Ignatius wrote in ”Epistle to the Magnesians” in 100A.D. that Christians were meeting on Sunday, also wrote Justin the Martyr who lived 100-167A.D.
*Adventists accuse that Sunday was a pagan holiday, but in fact all the days of the week were some pagan holidays;* they also accuse that emperor Constantine in 325A.D. ordered worship to be done on Sundays, but in fact he made Sunday free day throughout the empire so that Christians could continue to gather freely on Sundays as until then they were gathering secretly on Sundays under persecution.
*Paul is rebuking the Galatians for keeping the Sabbath:* Gal4:9-11, see also Col2:16, Rom14:5. In Rom13:8-10 Paul mentions some of the 10 commandments but not the 4th commandment, Sabbath; if Sabbath was important for the Christian, he would have been mentioned it.
Jesus said in Matt11:28 ”come unto Me all of you who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you REST.” *Sabbath day was a day of physical rest, but Jesus gives spiritual rest.*
Jesus said in Matt5:17 that he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it; *Jesus did fulfill the law by living a perfect life and by dying on the cross*; that’s why we don’t sacrifice animals today as the law of Moses required, and the same that’s why we are not bound to keep the Sabbath because Jesus is our Sabbath; Jesus did not abolish the law by oral commandment but has brought the law to finality by dying on the cross, as the law was a shadow (symbol) for Jesus.
Adventists, next to a wrong understanding of the doctrine of Sabbath, have also other wrong doctrines:
*adventists wrongly believe that Jesus only went to heaven with his blood in 1844 to do atonement* (Early Writings, p.253, also Testimonies, vol1, p.58) and started a work of investigation or judgment; Heb9:12 contradicts this error; in fact adventists made a false prophecy that the world will end in 1844, and when this prophecy was proven wrong they changed their view to say that in 1844 Jesus entered the heavenly sanctuary with his blood.
Name ”adventist” (*”advent” means ”arrival of an important person”*) comes from the false prophecy that Jesus was coming in a matter of a few month, in 1844, then little time after that when prophecy was proven wrong.
*adventists believe Ellen G. White was inspired by God so that her writings are inspired just as the Bible is inspired*. All false prophets say this same lie. Beware: only the Bible is inspired by God: 2Tim3:16, 2Pet1:20-21; Prov30:6 and Rev22:18-19 says that we should not add to the Word of God or remove, Ellen G. White adds!! In fact she had seizures, not visions, just as Mohammed, and both believed the angel Gabriel spoke to them!
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Pastor Daniel