SABBATH – part3

…part 3
*Ellen G. White has made false prophecies about public events and wars* that never came to pass:
*She also believed that all sins will be placed on Satan*: ”The Great Controversy”, p.422 , when the Bible says sins were placed on Jesus at the cross Is.53:6.
*Ellen G. White preached that people that were alive in her time will see Jesus coming back*, but by now they are all dead. Visit this website for many more of her false doctrines and theological
*HERE ARE SOME MORE OF HER FALSE DOCTRINES* (and yet more in the above website):
–‘plan of salvation was made after the fall’ (The Great Controversy, Chapter 19 ”Light through Darkness” p133,p.347), the Bible says ‘before the fall’: Eph1:4, 1Pet1:18-20
–‘Adam was deceived by Satan’ (Evangelism, p.598) is contradicted by 1Tim2:14
–‘people before the flood mated with animals’ (Spiritual Gifts, vol.3, p.64 ) contradicted by Gen1:24,25
–‘tower of Babel built before the flood’ (Spiritual Gifts, vol.3, p.301) contradicted by Gen.9-11
–‘Jesus was not the Lord Almighty’ (Letter 32, 1899, quoted in the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol.5, p.1129) contradicted by Is9:6, Rev1:7-8
–‘Jesus’ bones were broken on the cross’ (Spiritual Gifts, vol.1, p.58, written in 1858) contradicted by Jn19:25,36
–‘Jesus died on the cross not for sin but to give man another chance to deserve or earn salvation’ (Testimonies to Ministers, p.134) contradicted by Heb9:27
–‘the blood of Jesus didn’t cancel or remove sin’ (Patriarchs and Prophets, p.357) contradicted by Rom4:7-8
–”faith of parents covers (”saves”, from context) children” (Selected Messages, vol.3,p.313) – in terms of temporal protection that is true, as a drunkard parent inflicts trouble on a child or a parent believer brings protection upon the child, but not salvation; child without capacity of believing because of age or mental disability is saved by grace as Jesus paid for the sin nature of man Rom5:12
–‘assurance of salvation or to say, ”I am saved” is deception’ (Christ’s Object Lessons, p.155) contradicted by 1Jn5:13
–‘those who believe in Christ can reach sinlessness’ (Review and Herald, vol.71, No.35, p.1, August 28, 1894, also vol.77, No. 39,p.1, September 25,1900) contradicted by 1Jn1:8; no Christian is perfect, only God is perfect; not to say that we should live in sin, but we do sin Titus2:11, 1Jn2:1
–‘our obedience to God reconciles us to God’ (Testim., vol.4, p.28 also p.294) contradicted by Col.1/21,22
–‘Paul was instructed by men in the Gospel’ (Testim., vol.3, p. 430) contradicted by Gal1:11-20
–‘you have great work to do to be accepted by Jesus’; ‘You are uncultivated, unrefined, and
unsanctified. There is no place in heaven for such a character as you now possess’ (Testim., vol.2, p.84 and p.316 also vol.3,p.465) contradicted by Rom.15:7 and Acts15:8-9
–‘you must kneel every time when you pray’ (Selected Messages, book2, p.311,312, book3, p.266,267) contradicted by Mark11/25
–‘all sicknesses are result of personal sin’ (Counsels on Health, p.37) contradicted by the book of Job; we can say sicknesses are result of the sin of Adam and Eve but not because of personal sin
–Ellen G White affirmed that she knew the day and the hour of Jesus’ coming (Early Writings, pp.15,34,285) – contradicted by Matt24:36
–‘the saints will have wings in heaven’ (Early Writings, p.53) contradicted by Phil3:21
-adventists believe baptism is required for salvation (see ‘SDAs Believe’, pp.182,184,187) contradicted by all above verses on salvation by faith alone, not by works; there are 2 ordinances or ceremonials for the church: water baptism and the holy communion (bread and new wine/grapes juice) – none of these save or remove sins Rev1:5, 1Jn1:7
*Ellen White believed that worshiping on Sunday is the mark of the beast*, see ”The Great Controversy, 1950, chapter ‘God’s law immutable’ ”p.605, p172 in newer version; but early Christians met Sundays and at times every day for worship!! Would God ever punish one of his children for worshiping Him on Sunday?? See verses on the seal of God, which is the Holy Spirit, not Sabbath: Eph1:13;4:30
*adventists believe that when a believer dies, he is unconscious until the resurrection*; Stephen in Acts 7 didn’t pray ”Lord Jesus, put me to sleep” but ”Lord Jesus, receive my spirit”, it does say that Stephen ”fell asleep” as an expression meaning to die physically (also 1Cor11:30), not soul sleep; in 2Cor5:5-8 Paul said ”I would rather be absent from the body and present with the Lord” not ”soul sleep”. Eph3:14-15 Paul mentions believers in heaven and on earth; in Gen5:24; 2Kings2:11 why did God take to heaven Enoch and Elijah?…just to put them to sleep?? Why Jesus said that Lazarus was carried by angels in Luke16:19-31?…why would Jesus use false doctrines if souls are put to sleep? Moses and Elijah were brought back from soul sleep to talk with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration in Matt.17? Why John said in Rev6:9 that he saw souls in heaven who were awake and talking, asking for revenge against those that killed them? Why on the cross Jesus said to the repentant thief, ”today you will be with me in paradise”?
Luke20:38 Jesus says that the dead are alive for God, they seem dead to us because we only perceive the body as being dead but we can’t see souls. Read also Jn11:25-26, which speaks about physical death and spiritual death and Jesus made the promise that those who believe in Him shall never die (by ‘soul sleep’ sabbatarians mean ‘soul dead temporarily’); read also 1 Pet.3:18-19.
-Sabatarians, as Jehovah Witnesses, use verse Ecc9:5 *”but the dead do not know anything”* and conclude the doctrine of soul sleep, they don’t understand that in this book the writer asks a lot of philosophical questions and in the end of the book he reaches faith in God, for example in 3/21 he asks, ”Who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?” You must read the context of a book, or else you read in Ps14:1 ”God does not exist” and conclude that God does not exist, but in fact the whole verse reads: ”the foul says in his heart: ‘God does not exist’.” See our study ”What happens with the soul after physical death”.
-During the July 2005 SDA General Conference, Bert Haloviak, director of Archives and Statistics for the Adventist world church, said that 1.5 millions have left the adventist church from 2000 to 2005. Why?… They have lost 1/3 of all members in the last 50 years, many wake up! Check the adventist websites below:

For more infos on the adventist religion read:
If you forward this to a friend, first make sure you read these infos a few times, read the verses in your Bible and spend time in prayer to be prepared for questions from your friend; do answer questions but do not enter quarreling debates, “the man of God should not strive” 2Tim2:24, if they are proud “leave them alone until the harvest time”, Mat13:30, ”they are blind leading the blind” Mat15:14.
We dont write these to judge sabatarians, but to warn the people of God just as Paul has warned Timothy and the church in 2Tim2:17 about Hymenaeus and Philetus who were spreading wrong doctrines (also John warned about Diotrephus in 2Jn9 and Jesus about a self-proclaimed prophetess, Jezebel in Rev2:20, Ellen White being one of the many Jezebel).
Pastor Daniel