1. The believer has everlasting or eternal life Jn5:24;10:28
2. The believer is born of God, cant be ‘unborn’ Jn1:12,13
3. Christ will raise every believer up at the last day Jn6:44,47
4. The believer has already passed from death unto life Jn5:24
5. The believer is not the object of God’s wrath Jn3:36
6. Believer are God’s sheep Jn10:24
7. The believer will not listen to nor follow a stranger, but will flee from him Jn10:5
8. The believer is known of God Jn10:14
9. The believer listens to the voice of the shepherd Jn10:27
10. The believer is in Christ’s hand and cant be removed Jn10:28
11. The believer is in the Father’s hand and cannot be plucked out Jn10:29
12. The shepherd is charged with the responsibility of keeping the sheep Jn10:11,14
13. The believer is not condemned Jn3:18
14. The believer shall never thirst Jn4:14
15. The believer will keep Christ’s commandments Jn14:23
16. The believer is secure because of Christ’s prayer Jn17:912
17. The believer shall never die Jn11:26
18. The believer will be kept from the evil Jn17:15
19. The believer will be with Christ in glory Jn17:24
20. The believer shall never hunger Jn6:35
21. The believer will in no wise be cast out Jn6:37
22. Christ will not lose a single believer Jn6:39
23. Christ will raise up the believer at the last day Jn6:38,40
24. Whosoever eats the bread of life shall never die Jn6:51
25. The Holy Spirit abides in the believer forever Jn14:16,17
26. It is the Father’s will that Christ should lose none Jn6:39
27. Because one cannot be unborn Jn3:5
28. The believer will follow Christ Jn10:27
29. The believers continue with God 1Jn2:19
30. The believer’s faith overcomes the world 1Jn5:4
31. Because of the record that God hath given 1Jn5:1011
32. The believer is like Christ 1 Jn3:2
33. The believer is kept by the power of God 1Pet1:5
34. The man who believes shall be saved Acts 16:31
35. The believer has been saved Eph.2:89
36. The believer is hid by God in Christ Col3:3
37. The believer shall not come into condemnation Jn5:24
38. There is now no condemnation for the believer Rom8:1
39. The believer is sealed by the Holy Spirit Eph1:13
40. The believer is sealed for a definite time, the day of redemption, or the resurrection of the body Eph4:30
41. The believer lives and abides forever 1Pet1:23
42. The believer is dead to sin Rom6:2
43. The believer will appear with Christ in glory Col3:4
44. The life of the believer is Christ’s life Col3:4
45. Christ cant die again,so the believer is eternally secure Rom6:910
46. The believer is saved through faith not by works Eph2:89
47. Faith is a gift from God Eph2:89
48. The believer is not saved by what he does, but by what Christ has done for him Tit3:5, Rom4:5
49. Salvation is a free gift, not a wage for works Rom6:23
50. The believer’s hope is a living hope 1Pet1:3
51. The believer’s hope will not fade away or grow dim 1Pet1:45
52. The believer’s hope is reserved in heaven for him 1Pet1:4
53. The believer’s inheritance is incorruptible 1Pet1:4
54. The believer’s inheritance cannot be defiled 1Pet1:4
55. The believer is kept through faith 1Pet1:45
56. The believer to be revealed in the last time 1Pet1:5 Also the believer is more than conqueror through Christ Rom8:37
57. The believer is justified by faith,saved from wrath Rom5:9
58. Nothing can separate the believer from Christ Rom8:38,39
59. Christ will complete our salvation until the end Phil1:6
60. The believer preserved spirit, soul, and body 1Thess5:23
61. God cannot lie Tit1:2
62. Jesus is able to save unto the uttermost Heb7:25
63. The believer is born of incorruptible seed 1Pet1:23
64. The believer is perfected forever Heb10:14
65. The believer believes unto the saving of his soul Heb10:38,39
66. Believer made righteous through Christ’s obedience Rom.5:18
67. All things work together for good to the believer Rom8:28
68. Because the believer is so helpless that he cannot place his sins upon Christ. God must do it for him Is53:6
69. Christ did not come to help us, but to save us Luke19:10
70. Because God, not being a man, cannot lie Numb.23:19
71. Because His mercy endures forever Ps136
72. Believer will bear the image of the heavenly 1Cor15:49
73. Believer is preserved unto the heavenly kingdom 2Tim4:18
74. Believer is object of God’s mercy, not wrath Eph2:4, Jn3:36
75. Because a sealed and witnessed transaction is final Eph.1:13
76. Salvation is obtained, not attained Heb9:12
77. Because the believer is a new creation Eph4:24
78. The Father reckons the sinner saved Rom6:35, Eph2:46
79. All believers will be changed at Christ’s coming 1Cor15:51,52
80. Because of the “MUST” of 1Cor15:53 1Cor.15:23
81. The power of God is not limited Mat28:1819, 1Pet1:5
82. The saints are preserved forever Ps37:28
83. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ Rom8:35
84. Because God will not forget the believer Is49:15
85. A new everlasting covenant in His blood Jer32:40
86. Because believer has ceased from his own works Heb4:10
87. Sanctified once for all through the sacrifice of JC Heb10:10
88. Believer has been redeemed (past tense) 2Pet1:18,19
89. Believer’s salvation is begun and finished by Christ Heb12:2
90. Salvation is by grace, not grace+works Rom11:6
91. Christ intercedes for believers Rom8:37, Heb7:25
92. Because God predestined believers in Christ according to His foreknowledge before the foundation of the world to be conformed to the image of his Son, and then, in time, He calls and justifies us, and finally He will glorify us Rom8:29,30,Eph1:5,7,11,13, 2Cor2:13
93. Because salvation IS salvation Heb5:9, Heb7:25
94. The believer cannot perish Jn3:16
95. God’s promise that through the offering of Christ He will put away the believer’s sins,and will forget them Heb10:17
96. Because God is for us! Rom8:31
97. God corrects His children, not sends them to Hell 1Cor11:31
98. God allows His children to suffer loss of rewards in Heaven rather than exiling them to Hell 1Cor3:1115, Heb12:611
99. God allows His children to suffer shame at His coming rather than exiling them to Hell 1Jn2:28
100. Because God is greater than our heart 1Jn3:20
101. God is able to save and keep us 2Tim1:12, Jude1:24
102. Because the Bible says we have eternal life 1Jn5:13
103. The believer is part of the Body of Christ forever Eph5:30
104. Our salvation results from the Son’s covenant with the Father 105. We have the life of Christ which is eternal, perfect Col3:4 106. We are placed in Christ forever not temporarily Col3:3 107. Our faith in Jesus overcomes the world, not works 1Jn5:4 108. Adoption cant be reversed Rom.8:15, Gal.4:5, Eph1:5
109. All believers will be resurrected/raptured 1Thes4:17…etc…
Pastor Daniel