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The clear implication is that women are not to serve in any role which involves the authoritative spiritual teaching of men. By this definition, the role of teaching pastor/shepherd is reserved for men. This is confirmed in the two passages which deal specifically with the qualifications for church leadership (1Tim3:1-13; Tit1:6-9). Church leaders are described as the “husband of one wife”, “a MAN whose children believe” and “MEN worthy of respect.”

Rather than focusing on what ministries women are restricted from, *the focus should be on the multitude of ways God calls and gifts women to serve*. Women are nowhere restricted from proclaiming the gospel to the lost (Acts1:8; 1Pet3:15). In Greek, ”euaggelizo” means to evangelize, the translation ”to preach the Gospel” is not accurate, for ”to preach” in Greek is ”kerusso”, therefore when women are sharing the Gospel, they are not preaching to men when they are evangelizing.

*Women are encouraged to teach other women (Tit2:3-5)*. Women are nowhere restricted from teaching children. Women seem to excel, far beyond men, in some of the spiritual gifts and fruit of the Spirit (1Cor12; Gal5:22-23). Women being restricted from spiritual teaching authority over men is not a punishment. Rather, it is a refocusing to the ministries, skills, and gifts God with which blesses women.

*Verses to consider:*
–Rom16:1-2 – Phebe – an investor of Christ in many, a servant, to be received as a servant of the church;
–1Tim3:11 – deacon’s wives – grave (worthy of respect and serious), not gossips, temperate and self-controlled thoroughly trustworthy in all things.
–1Tim2:9-15; 3:11-12 – discreet, dress not like harlots, filled with good deeds, reverential fear for and devotion to God, learn in quietness and entire submissiveness, faithful
–1Pet3:1-7 – inward adorning and beauty of the hidden person of the heart, gentle and peaceful spirit
–1Cor14:34-35 – should keep quiet in the churches – not to usurp and exercise authority over men in the church
–Rom16:2 – godly women should be received and honored
–2Tim3:6-7 – caution how they hear and are instructed
–1Tim3:11 – controlled tongue, trustworthy, self-controlled
–Phil4:2,3 – caution against divisiveness

*The History of the Ministry of Women:*

1. Loving Givers and Hospitality Initiators
–Widow’s mite Mk.12:42-44; Luke 21:2-4
–Certain women who gave and ministered out of their substance unto the Lord Luke8:2,3
–Dorcas full of good works and alms Luke9:36-41
–Lydia opened her home for the gathering of people to hear the Word Acts16:14-15
–Phebe servant of the church helped and loved many Rom16
–Priscilla and Aquila – helpers of Paul – laid down their own necks for Paul and the Gospel – Rom.16
–Mary ”who bestowed much labor on us” Rom16
–Tryphena, Persis, and Tryphosa labor in the Lord Rom16
–Brought up children lodged strangers (3John); relieved the afflicted; diligently followed every good work 1Tim5:10

2. Communicators of the Gospel
–Woman at the well Jn4:29
–Proclaimer of the Resurrection Matt28:8
–Announced Redemption in Jerusalem Luke2:37,38
–Expounded together with her husband to Apollos the way of God more perfectly Acts18:26

3. Persistence in Godliness and Faith
–Syrophenician woman Mark7:26
–The importune widow Luke18:5
–Women at the Crucifixion Luke23:27-29, 49, 55-56
–Testimony to Apostles of the Resurrection Luke24:10,24
–Women at the Cross Jn19:25-27

4. God’s Plan and Order of Women in Life
–Man is the head of the woman as Christ is head of the man 1Cor11:1-12
–Order in the church assembly 1Cor14:33-35
–Order in life Eph5:21-33
–Order in the home Tit2:4-5
–Adornment, speech and communication 1Tim2:9-15
–Subjection, submission and obedience 1Pet3:1-7, Titus2:3
–Priorities of life in relationship to hungering and thirsting after God Luke10:38-42

5. Old Testament Hints at the Women’s Responsibilities and Portions that are Timeless
–Care of the home Gen17:9, 1Sam8:13, Prov31:15
–God’s call for wives Gen2:18, 24; Ps128:3; Prov12:4, 18:22, 19:14, 31:11
–Giving of gifts Ex35:25-26
–Sacrifice in labor Ruth2:7; 1Sam8:13; Prov31:13,24
–The treasure women are Prov31:10-31
–The joy of the marriage Prov5:18-19, Song Sol.1:13

6. Older, Spiritually Mature Women are to Minister and be an Example to the Younger (1Tim5:1-16), Titus2:3,4

Certain Conclusions and Warnings:
–1Tim2:9-15 No usurping over men in leadership
–Rom16:2 Magnification and importance of womanhood and the identification of Christ’s relationship to the church
–1Tim5:13-15, 1Pet3:2 Guarding against sins of the tongue: Not tattlers, Not busybodies, Not speaking things which they ought not
–Give no occasion to the adversary to speak reproach fully – some are already given over to the devil in that area
–Chaste conversation to honor, esteem, appreciate, prize; and, in the human sense, to adore him, that is, to admire, praise, be devoted to, deeply love, and enjoy your husband
–Not to be idle, Not wandering from house to house
–Caution to widows and single women 1Tim5:1-16
–The Greek word “diabolos” means slanderous or accusing falsely. The noun form means slanderers – 1Tim3:11; 2Tim3:3; Tit2:3 those who are given to finding fault with the demeanor and the conduct of others and spreading their criticisms in the church. Diabolos is used 34 times as the title of Satan, the devil, as the accuser. The Tit2:3 reference uses the same word root for the devil in referring to a false accusing woman.

Important Scriptures for all men and women in this matter: Matt5:37; Col4:6; 2Tim1:13; Tit2:8;3:1-2; Prov10:19, 16:24, 14:23, 17:27, 21:23, 29:11; Eccl5:3, 10:12-13; Is50:4; Ep4:31; Jam1:26, 3:2, 4:11; 1Pet2:1, 3:10; Ps34:13.

Pastor Daniel