*THE WORD OF GOD – psalm 119*

The WORD of God … :

01. …brings blessing upon me when I walk in the Word v1
02. …makes blessed the one that keeps the Word v2
03. …it will not let me be ashamed when I honor it v6
04. …it produces praises in my heart towards God v7
05. …it keeps me in close fellowship with God v8
06. …it keeps me from sin v9,11
07. …it is God who teaches me His Word v12
08. …it motivates me to proclaim it with my lips v13
09. …it produces in me a greater joy than having all the treasures of the world v14,36
10. …it produces in me deep consideration for the ways of God v15
11. …it is my delight to the point where I can’t give it up v16, 143
12. …God opens my eyes so that i can see the wonderful things of His Word v18
13. …it produces in me a burning desire to hear it more v20
14. …it removes from me the reproach and shame v22
15. …it is my pleasant meditation even when the powerful and the rich of this world mock me v23
16. …it is my counselor and my joy v24
17. …God lifts me up through His Word v28
18. …i make a personal decision to follow it v30
19. …it enlarges my heart to have a greater capacity for God v32
20. …it produces in me a desire to walk in it until the end no matter the cost v33
21. …it motivates me to pray for wisdom to understand it better v34
22. …it contains God’s promises towards me v38
23. …it gives me protection against my adversaries v42
24. …it brings me to a large place with God v44; Mal.4:2
25. …it gives me authority to witness to the great and the rich of this world v46
26. …it is pleasant v39
27. …it makes me to love it v47,48, 127
28. …it makes me put my hope in it v49
29. …it is my comfort in my trials v50
30. …it gives me life v50
31. …it keeps me from quitting under persecution v51
32. …it reassures me v52
33. …it is my song in my daily pilgrimage through this world v54
34. …it reveals to me God’s mercies v58
35. …it draws my feet unto God’s way v59
36. …it draws me day and night to praise God v62
37. …it shows me whom should have as friends v63
38. …it gives me wisdom and understanding v66
39. …it gives me God’s comforting merciful kindness v76
40. …it lasts forever v89
41. …it keeps me from destruction v92
42. …it gives me salvation v94
43. …it has no end v96
44. …it makes me wiser than my enemies v98
45. …it makes me wiser than my teachers v99
46. …it makes me wiser than old men v100
47. …it keeps me from wrong paths v101
48. …it is sweeter than honey v103
49. …it teaches me to hate false ways v104
50. …it gives me understanding to discern wrong or false ways v105
51. …it is a light and a lamp v105
52. …it is the rejoicing of my heart v111
53. …it is the only occupation of my thinking v112
54. …it teaches me to hate vain thoughts or double-mindedness v113
55. …it teaches me to separate myself from the wicked v115
56. …it promises me God upholds me and gives me life without shame v116
57. …it produces in me reverence towards God v120
58. …it causes God to intervene when the wicked make the Word void v126
59. …it is wonderful and motivates me to follow it v129
60. …it gives light and understanding to the simple v130
61. …it causes me to desire it v131
62. …it keeps my feet from being dominated by iniquities v133
63. …it causes me to suffer seeing those that don’t follow it v136
64. …it is the shining of God’s face over me v135
65. …it is righteous and faithful v137-138
66. …it makes me be consumed by zeal for God’s Word v139
67. …it is pure and I love it v140
68. …it is truth v142
69. …it is righteous, everlasting and it gives me life v144
70. …it makes God bow His ear to listen to me v145
71. …it gives salvation v155
72. …it give me strength against enemies and persecutors v157
73. …it causes me to grieve seeing transgressions v158
74. …it makes my heart to stand in awe and adoration of God’s Word v161
75. …it causes me to hate lies v163
76. …it causes me to praise God all day long v164
77. …it gives me peace and protects me from being offended by anything that comes my way v165
78. …it makes my voice heard by God and it places my way under God’s protective and guiding sight
79. …it makes the hand of God move on my behalf v173
80. …it makes God look for me as after a lost sheep v176

Pastor Daniel